Trends come and go but there is one that is always around – healthy hair. There are so many fab products out there that will help you get Insta and red carpet-ready hair, but regular visits to the hairdresser are also necessary. We can all agree that healthy and strong hair is always desirable, but what are the other things you can try this year? If you want to start your year with a cool new hairstyle, read on.

Futuristic mermaid hair.
Mermaid colours have been around for a few seasons and are a very popular choice for summer and festivals, but what happens when this trend is spiced up? Futuristic mermaid colours! These colours are on the cool part of the colour spectrum and give your hair an extraterrestrial vibe. What are the colours to look out for? Mint, steel blue, icy lavender, cool pink, silver and icy blonde. These shades look magnificent, but the chemicals can damage your hair, so you should include a strong, protein infused mask to your routine or ask for an Olaplex treatment in the salon.

Natural hair. Mother nature knows best, right?
If you think futuristic hair is too much for you and the total opposite of your natural hair in terms of colour and texture, this trend might be a good choice for you. You probably have your own “my lips but better” lipstick, right? Well, this trend does the same for your hair and embraces your natural colour and texture, but improves it. To get the most out of this trend, ask for a couple of sunkissed highlights that will frame your face, or skip the hair iron and go for your natural curls. To keep your hair looking gorgeous, invest in quality moisturising and protein-based masks.

Bob, Lob & Co.
The bob and lob trend continues to rule the beauty world and we can definitely see why! This style is an amazing choice for both straight and curly hair. Also, it’s a great choice for every face shape, which is a very important issue. It’s also important to mention that bobs and lobs can be easily styled at home, with the help of an iron or a dryer. However, these can dry out your hair, so be sure to include a combination of moisturising and protein-based products, to keep your strands healthy.