We all like to get beach body ready for summer, but what about being festival ready with your hairstyles?

Whether you’ve had your tickets for months or you’re still deciding on which event(s!) to attend this summer, the season is almost upon us so we’ve compiled a list of the top five hairstyles to keep your hair looking amazing, no matter how muddy it gets…

  • Jewels & diamanté adornments

Glitter has got an upgrade.

Sparkle is always a big part of festivals, and the tiny coloured flecks were everywhere last year. And by everywhere, we mean everywhere. At the festival, in the shower once you got home, all over the floor, in your bed for the following few months no matter how many times you changed your sheets.

Thankfully for 2018 bejeweled hair has taken over the sparkle trend!  For the most epic statement think strips of adhesive crystals, studs and multi-coloured gems, worn any way you like – down your parting, in geometric patterns or simply dotted about your waves for tiny flashes of light in the sun.

  • Braids, braids braids

What better way to wear your hair when you haven’t washed it for three days and you want to make sure it still looks good?

Whether you’re thinking of embracing the boho chic look with delicate braids plaited into flowing waves or are feeling super fashionable and want to embrace the new pipe style (these were everywhere at Coachella) braids are a sure fire choice for a rocking festival look.

  • Be pretty in pastels

And we’re not talking just clothes. With all the trends about in 2018; gemstone roots, soft rose gold and delicate colours are currently the most striking. If your hair is too dark for pastels, then think soft ombres and Mocha Latte colouring.

  • Avoid the flower crowns.

So 2015. If you really can’t enjoy a festival without flowers in your hair (it is after all an iconic look!) then use little floral pins to add a flash of colour to your ’do. A much more modern way to channel your inner hippie!

  • Scruffy waves

You’re four days in. Three festivals in. You’ve done the diamante adornments, lost all of your tiny flower pins and your temporary colour washed out last night in the rain. Hello easy to master, grunge style. No wonder it’s a festival favourite.